Open Source Projects

Google Summer of Code 2019 - International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility, Germany - Node.

Architected the Continuous Integration (CI) micro-service for GIN - a self hosted git repository system run by G-Node, INCF to provide convenient scientific workflow automation for non-technical users with features like build caching to speed-up job pipelines.

Tech Stack: Python, Nuxt.js (Vue.js), REST API (Flask), Drone, GIN, Snakemake, Golang.

Industrial Projects

Project Harvey - Artificially Intelligent Research engine for Indian legal case studies.

Positions open for Back-End, Front-End and Natural Language Processing developers – Contact to join.

Project BareLab - {Project Scope: External. Affiliation: InstantPost Printers & Scanners Pvt. Ltd.}

This project is not under my control, however, I can send recommendations of suitable candidates. Contact to apply for the position of DevOps engineering intern.


Quantum Teleportation - Simulating the teleportation of data for high speed data transfer by the laws of quantum mechanics.

Weaponization of Artificial Intelligence - Performing an intensive study on the prospects of Weaponizing Artificial Intelligence for military purposes. {Affiliation: Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) - Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI)}

Artificial Morality & Ethics - Laying out the foundations of basic machine ethics and algorithmic training of machine faculties like morality and ethics for autonomous artificial agents.

Project Hydra - Designing an advanced high security, low latency anonymous data routing mechanism on the network patching the logical vulnerabilities of existing anonymous routing designs. {Status: Complete. Read the publication here.}

Project Derby - Advanced prostate cancer detection on historical diagnosis data of local hospitals employing classification using fuzzification systems and further analysis using artificial neural networks. {Status: Halted due to lack of data.}

Projects @ Oversight

Opportunities open for 4 Django(Python) development interns, 4 ML/DL interns and 2 DevOps interns. Email here to apply. Kindly refrain from adding your scores/marksheets in the application. It’s preferable to add your portfolio and/or past projects.

Hawkeye - Military grade security operating system based on Microkernels. {Project Scope: Confidential}

Open for motivated individuals to join; Open Source; Unpaid. Email me to join.

DeepMail - AI engine to write your emails for you. {Status: Deprecated}

Laila - AI which can write its own code.

Personal/Individual Projects

The Valentine Protocol - Modern democracy based election and consensus protocol for data routing and transfer in case of an untrustworthy node as the destination, coupled with a random gossip protocol. {Status: Deprecated}

Project Rudra - Predicting Terror attacks with deep learning models. {Status: Deprecated due to lack of data.}

Note that most of the high level (/important) repositories are privately enclosed and are not accessible since I’m awaiting documentation approval for them i.e. either they are under development professionally or I’m awaiting Patent or Publication approval for them.

  1. Access my public code repositories at my Gitlab Handle.

  2. Kindly cite me if you intend to use these projects academically.