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Questions [Answer if you can]

How much discrimination do we need to achieve fairness?

क्या बुद्धिमत्ता एक घातक उत्परिवर्तन है? (Is Intelligence a Lethal Mutation?)

Bewegt sich die menschliche Rasse in Richtung Selbstzerstörung?

What parts of the universe are still unintelligible to us?

मानव संज्ञानात्मक क्षमता की सीमाएं क्या हैं? (What is the limit to human cognitive capability?)

Wird die Welt mit zunehmenden demokratischen Wahlen rechtsextremer? (With increasing democratic elections, is the world turning more right-wing?)

Should we teach Machine Ethics to AI engineers in colleges? Is a Hippocratic Oath for AI required?

ब्राह्मण से हम हैं या हम से ब्राह्माण? (Is the Universe from Us or are We from the Universe?)

Are we technologically heading forward but consciously heading backwards?

मानव जाति आत्म-विनाश की ओर क्यों बढ़ रही है? (Why is human race heading towards self-destruction?)

Should Neural Security (prevention from reading brain data) be a Human Right?

If an AI (ANNs) produces an image, whom does the image belong to? The coder, the person whose dataset was used for training, the machine it was modelled on or the AI itself?

How do we teach humility to AI?

माया और ब्राह्मण मैं क्या अंतर है? दोनों का अंतर एक बच्चे को कैसे समझोगे ?

Whence we eventutally achieve Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) or become inter-planetary species, half the society will be arguing, this proves God never existed and such an achievement is testatament to the fact that such intelligence can be built from ground up. However, the other half will argue, the fact this has been achieved, concretizes their belief in God since they had read this from centuries old scriptures. How will we solve this dilemma ?

Personal Dharma

“अगर समझाने से ही हर व्यक्ति समझ जाता तो वो बांसूरी बजाने वाला महाभारत नहीं होने देता।” - मृणाल वाहाल (२०२०)

“Devotion is the most content form of love. It brings immense blissfulness and no expectations to hurt you.” - Mrinal Wahal (2020)

“One of the hardest times in entrepreneurship is when you don’t even know whether you are losing or winning. And there’s no one to even judge it for you. It’s one of the most scariest moments.” - Mrinal Wahal (2020)

“I can’t be seduced by either gods or awards.” - Mrinal Wahal (2020)

“Your ego defaults to nothing in front of your motherland, mother and the woman you love the most. In the end, bend your head in their respect, for you are an ant to their mammoth.” - Mrinal Wahal (2020)

“Opinion articles are not journalism. That’s just graffiti with punctuation.” - Mrinal Wahal (2020)

“Only two kinds of people adopt monk-hood, those who yearn for spiritual enlightenment, and those who want enough patience to write Javascript.” - Mrinal Wahal (2020)

“विद्यादानम महादानम ।” - Mrinal Wahal (2019)

“Coding is meditation.” - Mrinal Wahal (2019)

“We used to have generations which listened more than they spoke. Now we are raising generations who speak more than they listen.” - Mrinal Wahal (2019)

“People hate automation not because it is something evil, rather because it challenges their own cerebral capabilities.” - Mrinal Wahal (2019)

“Most people wonder how it all began. I work on AI, and I’m worried how it will end.” - Mrinal Wahal (2019)

“Oil, knowledge, wisdom and now data. 4 most expensive things in the contemporary world. Use them if you possess them. Then spread them. Don’t stay stagnant.” - Mrinal Wahal (2016)

“Your knowledge, skill set and your intent determines your stature in the society. A crow placed upon the Royal Palace doesn’t become a Garur (Royal Bird).” - Mrinal Wahal (2016)

“Many waste their time in search of the ‘ultimate truth.’ Stop wasting your time to understand the purpose of life and learn a new skill. Zindagi ko jo samjha, zindagi par roya hai.” - Mrinal Wahal (2016)

“If you have to lift even a single finger to fight the enemy, then you don’t understand ‘war’ properly.” - Mrinal Wahal (2017)

“It’s 2018. And mankind has started to flirt with psuedo-wisdom.” - Mrinal Wahal (2018)

“Black and white behaviour handicaps our ability to survive. Prevents conscious mutation.” - Mrinal Wahal (2018)

“One is insane. Two are high. Three is a cult. And anything beyond that is a religion.” - Mrinal Wahal (2018)

“Aber wenn du siehst, gibt es kein angeborenes Vermogen des menschlichen Geistes zu mit neuen Ideen kommen ohne vorhandene Eindrücke von Erlebnissen zu kopieren.” - Mrinal Wahal (2018), Originally derived from David Hume’s Enqiury into Human Understanding

“Self-victimization has turned into a hallmark of intellectualism.” - Mrinal Wahal (2018)

“Humans are humble towards machines becoming intelligent. Machines won’t be humble to humans.” - Mrinal Wahal (2019)

“Mankind has always romaticized the idea of a God. The idea of something or someone far more powerful and smarter than us. AI is being developed only to realise this ‘being’.” - Mrinal Wahal (2019)

“With the advent of Gene Editing programmes, Mankind can now be the second to produce Super-Humans. Religions were the first.” - Mrinal Wahal (2019)

“If you try to empower a limited identity, violence is a natural consequence.” - Mrinal Wahal (2019)

“You call it love. I call it a chemical hijack of the brain.” - Mrinal Wahal (2019)

“It’s 2019. What we do in the next decade will determine the future of the planet for next 1000 years.” - referring to responsible and credible use of Artificial Intelligence - Mrinal Wahal (2019)

“Only code is legacy. Not children. They’re lives.” - Mrinal Wahal (2019)

“Programming software is like having sex. Sometimes something useful comes out of it, but that’s not why we are doing it.” - Mrinal Wahal (2019)

“Engineers are mostly paid to kill someone else’s job.” - Mrinal Wahal (2019)

“Don’t allow an year gap between jobs. Start your company. It may not be that active, but you will never have to admit that you had years of gap between jobs.” - Mrinal Wahal (2019)

“Do I believe in God? Oh, I already own a business, thank you!” - Mrinal Wahal (2019)

“The idea that ancient Indians were not as smart as we are just because they had different tools, isn’t very convincing to me. This justification doesn’t work when you equate anciently-built Egyptian Pyramids with a modern Burj Khalifa. Did the Egyptians time travel to get modern tools? I may code in Python - but someone else can easily write my functions in C++. Or Fortran. And then, someone may do it in Binary. Your tools are unique - not advanced. You wouldn’t need advanced tools if you are really smart.” - Mrinal Wahal (2019)

“My teachers knew how to code as much as a spoon knows the taste of the soup.” - Mrinal Wahal (2019)

“Teachers, journalists and politicians. Three people I never listened to.” - Mrinal Wahal (2019)

Memoirs from Contemplation

“जब मैंने गलतियाँ कीं, तो मैं गलत था। जब मैंने माफी मांगी, तो समय गलत था।” - 29th April, 2020

“There is a happily ever after, if you work hard towards it. Interplanetary warfare is also not comprehensible, but we’ll get there because we are working hard towards it. If you won’t teach, inspire, correct and scold each other, you serve no purpose in each other’s lives, and you are just asking for a boring readymade relationship hoping everything will hunky-dory in the future without working judiciously to build each other. If you are courageous enough and work tirelessly towards it, you can build anything - including a ‘happily ever after’. Don’t use your lazy ass to demean others who are trying.” - 26th April, 2020

“She is doing everything to me that I did to her. And she is doing it as unintentionally as I did.” - 20th April, 2020

External Inspirations

“We know far too much to agree with any religious doctrine. And we know too little to stick to atheism” - David Eagleman, Neuroscientist.

“Fools deride the character of great souls whose conduct and behaviour are different from those of ordinary mortals without analysing the possible reasons for the same.” - Kalidasa, Kumarasambhavam

“Where there is danger, there is opportunity.” - Chinese saying.

“Life is just a mere wave in the ocean of infinite consciousness. Birth is the origin of wave. And death is where the waves merges back into the ocean. You need not be scared of death. You are just merging into the Ultimate Reality. You will rise again as some other wave (human).” - Ishaavasya Upanishad.

“iti te jñānam ākhyātaḿ guhyād guhya-taraḿ mayā vimṛśyaitad aśeṣeṇa yathecchasi tathā kuru” - Krishna to Arjun, Bhagvata Gita (18.63)

“One day both Man and God will meet. And both shall exclaim, ‘Look My Creator!'” - Unknown.

“Whence all creation had its origin, the creator, whether she/he fashioned it or whether she/he did not, the creator, who surveys it all from highest heaven, she/he knows - or maybe even she/he does not know.” - Last Para, The Hymn of Creation, Rig Veda, 1500 BC.

“Justice is useful whence other things are useless. And justice is useless whence other things are useful.” - The Republic (Plato)

“मरणं प्रकृतिः शरीरिणां विकृतिर्जीवितमुच्यते बुधैः ।

क्षणमप्यवतिष्ठते श्वसन् यदि जन्तुर्ननु लाभवानसौ ॥” – Raghuvamsam (Kalidasa)


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“The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck” - Mark Manson

“The Alchemist” - Paulo Coelho

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“The Republic” - Plato


“The Dharmapada (Bhuddha’s Teachings)” – Gautama.

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