$~ If you like brewing beer at home, I’d personally advise you to improvise rather than strictly follow a template. However, for beginners this easy tutorial may be just fine to get started.

$~ I’m open to have a beer with you, but I must submit, I find Bira too sweet to be even declared a beer. Let’s try a new one.

$~ Personal fan of Sufi Music, therefore, I suggest you play Coke Studio Pakistan, immediately, if you haven’t already. In case you fell for it, try the following without doubt: Kun Faya Kun, Bandeh, Chadta Suraj, Yaara Maula, Gorak Dhanda.

$~ If you don’t mind a bit of EDM and Indian tunes, then definitely go for Kaun Hai Voh. And nothing can beat the infamous Suits Sountracks playlist to satisfy my Alternative OST needs.

$~ In requirement of someone to converse in Deutsch and Sanskrit with me regularly in order to allow me to practice and eventually, improve my Deutsch skills. Alternatively, I can engage with the Deutsch and Sanskrit speakers in Hindi and English.