Professional Alignments

@ Oversight as CEO –

@ Speaker and guest lecturer on Artificial Intelligence

@ Caseverse as the Ex


Arthi Bala - Chemical Engineer, HR Enthusiast, Speaker. ~ LinkedIn or Email.

My endorsement: If you want a loyal and empathetic employee who adds ideas to your vision, and aren’t worried about your employees learning through experimentation and failure, go for this woman.

Chitwan Bansal - Corporate Lawyer (Pursuing). ~ LinkedIn.

My endorsement: He’ll get the job done without being nagged repeatedly. His best part - Generally, he knows a lot, in case he doesn’t know about something, he’ll say it to your face and won’t waste time by pretending he knows.

Hemant Vats - Android & Blockchain Developer. ~ LinkedIn.

My endorsement: The fact that he’s still standing as a credible co-founder in my start-up declares enough about his perseverance and management skills. One of those rare amalgamations of technical prowess and Business expansionist modelled minds. Hire him to lead. Anything below would be a categorical mistake on your part!

Vamsi Bhogi - Marketer, Mechanical Engineer, Real Estate, Co-founder at Real Tycoon. ~ LinkedIn or Email.

My endorsement: This guy, genuinely, hustles a lot. You can also use him as a professional negotiator. His most competetive capability is digital marketing.

Muskan Raina - Artist and Poet. Business Analyst just to sponsor her Exhibitions. ~ Instagram or Email.

My endorsement: She’s so obsessed with her work that she skips sleep if her project isn’t complete. Check out her Insta.

Hardik Ajmani - Deep Learning/Machine Learning Engineer. ~ Portfolio, LinkedIn or Email.

My endorsement: He simply loves and enjoys what he does. And that is the most important thing which keeps him going. Just allow him time to experiment, and you’ll have an amazingly talented and loyal employee.

Ruchi Avtar - Economist and writer. ~ LinkedIn or Email.

My endorsement: One of those sane economists with wisdom, I’ve encountered, to a level, where-at her age becomes virtually irrelevant. She would serve better as an advisor and guide than an employee running errands.

If you are contacting any of the above, just let them know that you found their contact from my (this) website, in order to ensure they reply to you and not skip your message.